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James River Orthodontics Reviews

We’re a different kind of ortho. We are proud to say James River Orthodontics is the highest and most reviewed practice in RVA. Dr. Larry Scarborough, a Richmond Magazine Top Orthodontist, and his enthusiastic team strives to offer much more than standard orthodontic care. The Scarborough Smile Guarantee program, Retainers For Life™ and gag-free digital impressions are all just the beginning of our commitment to a higher level of patient care, while Conservation, Healing and Education is our commitment to greater community impact. It’s what we would want for ourselves, and it’s exactly what we want for our community.

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"Saurah is always so sweet and helps to make me feel comfortable. I appreciate her."

Review Verified on 11/3/2015

Review Verified on 10/30/2015
"I love the staff there. They're funny, friendly and cool. Also their place is nice and clean. I recommend James River Orthodontics to anyone in need for braces."

Review Verified on 10/28/2015
"I love this orthodontist!! I went to an orthodontist before and I always dreaded going, but with JRO I'M always excited to see everyone. I was just cleared and I no longer have to go back. My teeth look great and I love my smile!!"

Review Verified on 10/28/2015
"Kristen also helped me today with answering some more questions."

Review Verified on 10/27/2015
"Everyone who works in JRO are extremely kind people. All with great attitudes and comments. I enjoyed how Kristin was explaining in depth about everything. This is one excellent Orthondontics and everyone was just awesome."

Review Verified on 10/27/2015
"Always a pleasure seeing Dr, Scarborough and the staff. In and out, no problem. Always professional and friendly."

Review Verified on 10/27/2015
"I'm very happy about finally starting my treatment for braces and look forward to my results. And know everyone at this office is very attentive, proffessional,knowledgeable, and will help me transform my smile."

Review Verified on 10/23/2015
"Your scheduling was extremely felxible and able to get me in for an emergency visit to fix a bracket. As always, Dr. Scarborough was great. I was in and out quickly with all my questions answered."

Review Verified on 10/22/2015
"Very nice and loving people ( everyone) I'm glad to be apart of tour orthodontist family!!!"

Review Verified on 10/21/2015
"My time spent at the office was informative and pleasant. We enjoyed laughing and looking forward to substantial improvement in straightening my teeth. Dr. Scarborough and Lynn are excellent professionals."

Review Verified on 10/20/2015
"My daughter was really nervous about having a conselltation for braces, but everyone was so gentle and explained everything. She's actually excited about going back! Thank you all for being so great."

Review Verified on 10/19/2015
"Connor is new to JRO, but our daughter McKenzie has been going there for a few years. Dr. Scarborough and his staff are always very polite and smiling. We absolutely love having them treat our children."

Review Verified on 10/18/2015
"Everyone is so friendly."

Review Verified on 10/16/2015
"Both my children always love going to visit Dr Scarborough an dhis staff. They are very friendly and make the trips to the chair fun. I recommend them all the time when I have others ask me where we go."

Review Verified on 10/16/2015
"A truly amazing staff, always working as a team while making sure your appointment is quick and relaxing at the same time. Couldn't be more happy with the results and the always in a good mood 'offensive line' that Dr. Scarborough has drafted! Again, great team. - Danny"

Review Verified on 10/16/2015
"A wonderful first meeting. Everyone was very friendly and professional. Explained everything very well and answered all questions."

Review Verified on 10/13/2015
"Love JRO get more comfortable and get care."

Review Verified on 10/8/2015
"I LOVED how JRO members treated me when I was there. I CANNOT explain all in words how nice they were. I felt welcomed and they were really listening to patients. Their kindness continues everytime I visit there. They all showed me what SERVICES are supposed to be like. I would definately come back here to get my treatment and also I will recommand to anyone who needs dental work. I really thank all of the members for being truely nice to me."

Review Verified on 10/7/2015
"I had all 3 of my girls in braces and Autumn's was the best experience of all. Her teeth also look the best. Friendly staff, explained everything and he was just excellent with her. He did exactly what he told me and her smile turned out great. Thank you to all."

Review Verified on 10/7/2015
"This practice and staff is nothing but wonderful and always smiling and helpful, that is why I did not even think twice about bringing my daughter there after being a patient there myself! My daughter loves it here and thinks the staff is fun! Even though I have closer practices to where I live Id much rather take the extra time driving to know I'll have great services and results."

Review Verified on 10/7/2015
"Every time I visit JRO, absolutely everyone is extraordinarily kind and helpful. Nothing is ever a bother to them, and they work well as a team and individually. I look forward to my visits, which I think is a rare feeling for someone to have about an orthodontist. I always feel welcome, and it a been a pleasure so far. Thank you! No specific name listed because all staff members give great assistance every time."

Review Verified on 9/30/2015
"Sami came home from her appointment and commented on how nice and friendly everyone was. My Mother indicated that the plan of action was concise and options were made available. Thanks for your GREAT work"

Review Verified on 9/23/2015
"everyone is sooo nice at JRO!!! it is fun to go there!"

Review Verified on 9/22/2015
"Always a pleasant visit when we have an appointment. Very professional and friendly staff."

Review Verified on 9/19/2015
"Good help"

Review Verified on 9/4/2015
"Always punctual and covering all the bases. They value every person here and it shows."

Review Verified on 9/4/2015

Review Verified on 9/4/2015
"I just love how personable Lynn is with my entire family, it makes everyone feel welcome not just the patient."

Review Verified on 9/3/2015
"Great service and warm atmosphere."

Review Verified on 8/28/2015
"The staff is really nice and are easy to talk to. They are always doing lots of cool events like the fall festival."

Review Verified on 8/26/2015
"Everyone is extremely friendly and they are willing to do anything to make sure your experience is great!"

Review Verified on 8/25/2015
"Amazing, amazing, amazing! I'm so glad that I chose JRO and Dr. Scarborough. What a fantastic place to go for orthodontic care. Everyone there is fabulous!"

Review Verified on 8/20/2015
"I love how JRO takes care of my kids. They make it easy and I never have to wait more than 5 minutes. They are always making sure my kids are happy and are willing to answer any questions I might have. They are simply the best."

Review Verified on 8/19/2015
"Always a wonderful experience! Staff is so friendly and Dr. Scarsborough is a delight!"

Review Verified on 8/19/2015
"Everyone at James River Orthondics is caring towards me and my mom. I always enjoy going there. I would recommend JRO to everyone. There are outstanding people and there is a there is a very little wait time. I wish I could always be at JRO."

Review Verified on 8/17/2015
"Always great visits, punctual, pleasant, I highly recommend JRO. The results are going to be great, with no extractions!"

Review Verified on 8/12/2015
"Everyone is absolutely fantastic! The office is very welcoming and bright, the staff are all very attentive and professional. My daughter loves coming to these appointments, and it is truley a breath of fresh air to recieve fantastic service from such great people. Thanks again James River Orthodontics for making this experience so worry free!"

Review Verified on 8/12/2015
"I am so glad to have found JRO. They are all so amazing. They explain everything that needs to be done and they always ask if you have any questions. Everyone is so kind and friendly. And I love that they are always having special events to show appreciation to their patients and their families. I tell everyone I know about JRO and I encourage them to go there."

Review Verified on 8/12/2015
"Thanks so much for not only giving me amazingly perfect teeth, but taking extra time to discuss future dental work and the impact to my retainers. Wow this experience has been first class!!"

Review Verified on 8/11/2015
"Always with a smile, a great attitude and a wealth of knowledge and service. Couldn't be better."

Review Verified on 8/11/2015
"I love JRO family friendly environment and professional and courteous care."

Review Verified on 8/11/2015
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